I offer bespoke antenatal, birth and postnatal packages to suit different needs and budgets. Do get in touch to discuss your circumstances so we can create something just for you.
antenatal ONLY
Starting from £150 for 2 x 120 min sessions*

During pregnancy there is an abundance of information out there. It is very easy to over-consume and become overwhelmed. Pregnancy gives us an invitation to relax into our bodies and prepare for your baby’s arrival peacefully.

I offer antenatal sessions where we can discuss a variety of matters on your terms. It is important for me to listen to you and your birth expectations before asking key questions to get you thinking about the birth you hope for and your new life after the baby has been born.

The topics and areas offered are up to you and could include:

  • the physiology of birth and understanding the hormones of birth
  • your rights
  • birthing space
  • comfort options
  • labouring positions
  • address any fears and concerns
  • previous birth experiences
  • breastfeeding

I can signpost you to evidence based information and services that may work for you and provide access to a library of books. I support you in your choices as you take responsibility of your body and birth.

* Additional antenatal sessions can be added at £50 per session


£600, introductory rate

As your birth doula, I offer:

  • 2 antenatal sessions (120 minutes long, with an option for more) where we will explore your expectations, any fears, birth rights, birth preferences, the physiology of birth and hormones, pain relief options and comfort techniques, labouring positions, and any other practicalities or other areas you might be interested in.
  • 1 Relaxation session to explore different relaxation, meditation, visualisation and breathing techniques to help you tune in with your body and your baby
  • On-call 24 hours per day from 14 days before your estimated due date until your baby is born
  • Continuous presence during labour and birth and until you are settled after baby’s first feed
  • 1 postnatal session within 7 days after the birth of your baby to debrief your birth story, help you with any issues you might be experiencing with breastfeeding and/or the care of your newborn baby
  • Availability via phone and e-mail
Starting from £250 for 10 hours of postnatal support*

After the birth of your baby, I mother the mother. I offer emotional and practical support to you at home for you to transition into motherhood as smoothly as possible.

Sessions are offered in blocks of 3-4 hours over a period of 6 weeks.

Everybody’s needs are different so my support could include:

  • Listening and talking, debriefing the birth over cups of tea
  • Light housework
  • Cooking nourishing meals – breakfast, lunch, or dinner
  • Grocery shopping
  • The school run
  • Signposting you to any support or information you may need
  • Breastfeeding support and signposting
  • Answering any questions on baby care
  • Baby wearing and slings
  • Relaxation, breath work and meditation
  • Accompany you to medical appointments
  • Nutritional support to help your post birth body heal
  • Caring for your baby or siblings while you catch up on sleep
  • (or anything else you need doing to support your relaxation)

I can also offer one-off visits or packages for fewer hours depending on your needs so do get in touch to discuss your specific situation.

* My postnatal package consists of a minimum of 10 hours. Additional postnatal hours can be booked at £25 per hour

“having continuous female support from an experienced birth worker gave me the confidence and strength to birth my baby my way full of love and without fear”. – Rosie, on her second birth.