It’s your time

Peace, presence

and protection for

your journey into parenthood.

it’s your time


Peace, presence

and protection for

your journey into motherhood

“Having a doula was the easily the best decision we made around the birth of our lovely boy. On the day of the birth, Rosie was great – reminding me about aspects of my birth plan and offering practical support both to my husband and me. . She even came by the next day with a much needed care package – mostly of delicious things for us to eat! I cannot recommend having a birth doula strongly enough and Rosie in particular. She’s an amazing woman and I’m so glad she was part of our little boy’s birth.”


“Rosie was perfect, she arrived with an air of total tranquility and just knew what to do. Tea, meals, washing, tidying and bags of encouragement in those early days when I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be doing. Total moral and practical support at a time when you need to be so kind to yourself.”
Dr Ruth Richardson


“Rosie is such a rich resource for everything related to birth and breastfeeding. She has been incredible support for me with the perfect balance of educated knowledge and the most heartfelt guidance since my son was born.”
Dani Rosie


My name is Rosie. I am a traditional birth attendant based in Bedfordshire.

I followed my passion of birth and the power of intuitive wisdom after the birth of my second daughter and began my journey into birth work in 2017.

I am here for birthing people on their journey into parenthood, one that I consider to be pivotal and enriching.  You have everything within you to birth your baby and I believe that going deeper into that knowledge can have profound and empowering outcomes as well as support to navigate today’s maternity care system. Each family I work with, whatever your configuration, receives unwavering support, my peaceful presence and steadfast protection rooted in ancestral and traditional knowledge: for you, your baby and your family throughout this new life phase.

If you have a passion for a traditionally rooted birth and postnatal experience, get in touch.

"Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers - strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength."

– Barbara Kate Rothman


Throughout history and across the world today women continue to support other women practically and emotionally through pregnancy and childbirth, and very importantly but often less considered, in the early days with your newborn.

It is within the relatively recent medicalised history of childbirth that the need for a different type of care-giver has occurred; one that is traditional and holistic, and provides continuity of care, prioritises emotional wellbeing throughout pregnancy, birth and postnatally; and trusts fully in the human capacity to give birth in safety and love.

The term and role of ‘doula’ has now become internationally recognised and the role of a doula is rooted in ancient traditions and wisdom. The term ‘doula’ means ‘female servant’ or ‘slave’ in Greek. Words hold power and as a woman of African descent with ancestors who lived through the horrors of enslavement, this is no longer a term I feel in good conscious I am empowered by. Our work is too powerful.

Having spent time invested in anti-racism work, learning with traditional midwives, unlearning and decolonising my practice as a birth worker in 2020 I now claim the title of ‘traditional birth attendant’ standing with the thousands of women who understand birth as a ceremony and work using simple and effective nature-based techniques to support a birthing person holistically.   I was formally operating under the title of ‘Doula Root’ and honour my time as a doula.

A doula is widely recognised a non-medical female companion, trained and experienced in childbirth who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother and her partner before, during and following on from childbirth.

Traditional birth attendants provide basic health care and guidance during and after pregnancy and childbirth, based primarily on experience and knowledge acquired informally through the traditions and practices of the communities where they originated.  They often learn their trade through apprenticeship or are self-taught.

Here is a short video of me talking about how I love providing support to families in the early days with a newborn. One of my favourite things is to nurture and nourish parents, siblings and the wider family at this momentous time. I think a new parent should be treated like absolute royalty with lots of love and loads of empowerment. Special thanks to, Pippa Moss from Karma Birth for hosting this chat.


but there are benefits of having me on your team..

Rosie has such empathy for women and as a doula wants to nurture women’s strength in pregnancy & birth to empower women to have the most positive birth experience possible. Her calm approach, unwavering support, passion and wide knowledge within this field makes her a perfect doula who I wholeheartedly recommend.

Harriet E. I. Jacobs

Midwife Practitioner and Clinical Nurse Practitioner - Contraception & Sexual Health


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