I am a passionate mama to three beautiful daughters (two of my womb, one bonus) and in large part became a birth keeper because of what they taught me through their births.

I was 24 and pregnant and while becoming a mother felt like the most natural thing in the world, when thinking about the birth I got palpitations of fear. I needed a ‘better’ way and sought the kind-hearted guidance and counsel of a midwife friend. There aren’t enough words of gratitude for what she gave me: good information, making me aware of my options and my rights, and most importantly I came to understand to trust my body. I was confident, excited, empowered. Three months later, I delivered my daughter surrounded in love and joy… in hospital.

After my first pregnancy I wanted to birth my second at home. I navigated consultant led care, induction and lots of undermining fearful energy around my plans. I enlisted the support of my friend to support me as a birth companion and benefitted first hand from the experienced support and unwavering presence she provided before and throughout the birth as well as my partner. I danced, I ate, I relaxed, I listened to my body. Our baby arrived in the warmth and love of our bed, and I tried not to move far from that spot from then on.

Both births led me to understand how empowering, spiritual and raw birth can be. I wanted to be able to offer to others the kind care and access to information that I experienced. At the heart of this decision is a deep knowing that life, our intuition and our bodies are incredible and through building our connection with that awareness and belief in ourselves, new possibilities of birth and parenthood become available.


I believe in living.

I believe in birth.

I believe in the sweat of love and in the fire of truth.

– Assata Shakur


In 2017 I trained with Nurturing Birth. Then studied with Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers, Paramana Doula course. I came to better understand birth as an involuntary physiological process which unfolds most effectively when it is undisturbed, when the thinking brain (or neo-cortex) is switched off and when the birthing woman feels safe.

I am mentored by the lovely Mars Lord of Abuela Doulas.


things i know

Humans and wombs are awesome. Our bodies are mysterious. Birth is natural and sacred. Every birth is different. We are infinitely creative and resilient in the right environments. Science is cool. And sisterhood creates magic.


personal experience

I have personal experience of undisturbed homebirth, birth in hospital and breastfeeding. I’ve also come to know how even with greatest of trust in our bodies, sometimes things do not go to plan. I have personal experience of miscarriage and traversing post-partum anxiety and depression.

“You have to be your own teacher.”    


A bit more about me


  • Fascinated by culture and heritage
  • of Jamaican, Irish, Scottish heritage + ancestral reimaginings
  • I was adopted, reconnected with birth family and now have a very big family
  • I have an undergraduate degree in Swahili and Development Studies (SOAS)
  • Laughter and honey, best medicine. And being in nature. Job done.
  • Massages, eating, playing imaginary games with my girls and lucid dreaming
  • Will sing harmonies to pretty much every song
  • In a past work-life I organised badass music festivals in Zanzibar, East Africa
  • You are awesome. Fact. 

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