Find out how to access our free, weekly virtual feeding café and a list of resources to support you in knowing your options and making informed choices.  This list was originally compiled together with BfN breastfeeding peer helper, Stephanie Sayers.



Join us every Monday and Friday at 10am on Zoom

Hosted by Breaking Breastfeeding Barriers & Uplifting Education. Facilitated by Ruth Dennison, Carmelle Gentle, Vanisha Virgo and myself.

All expectant and new parents can join our virtual breastfeeding cafe. This is a safe space for you to join us to discuss any queries or concerns you may have around feeding. No question is too big or too small, we can advise you from our own knowledge and experience and aim to reassure you and support you in maintaining your breastfeeding relationship.

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Virtual Breastfeeding Cafe Supporters

other resources

national feeding help and support

National Breastfeeding Helpline, 9:30am – 9:30pm daily: 0300 100 0212

La Leche League Breastfeeding Helpline: 0345 120 2918

Association of Breastfeeding Mothers Counselling Helpline: 0300 330 5453

National Childbirth Trust, 8am – 1pm daily, 0300 330 0771 

Local support to bedfordshire, bucks & herts

La Leche League Bedfordshire:

Breastfeeding in Bedford:

Donor milk bank & breastmilk research charity:

Lauren Wong IBCLC, tongue-tie practitioner:

Erinn Winter RM IBCLC, tongue-tie practitioner:


Attaching your baby at the breast:

Breastfeeding positions: (post cesarean birth at 3mins 50sec)

Exaggerated latch when baby is struggling:

Feeding self-assessment tool:

Drugs & breastmilk, Dr. Wendy Jones:

Baby sleep information source, BASIS:




Differences in milk:


Ten tips for gently stopping breastfeeding your toddler, NCT (read time 7 minutes):

How to gently night wean a breastfed baby or toddler, Sarah Ockwell-Smith:

Weaning Techniques, by Kelly Bonyata, IBCLC, Becky Flora, IBCLC and Paula Yount



Concerns with weight gain, reflux, painful breastfeeding, clicking? Something not feeling right? Having an oral assessment with a qualified tongue-tie practitioner could be a game changer. Tongue function issues or restrictions such as tongue-tie or muscle tension can massively impact our babies feeding and sleeping.

For NHS support, contact your Health Visitor, Midwife or GP to make a referral.

For private support, Association of Tongue-Tie Practitioners (ATP) – national listing of private tongue-tie practitioners as well as informational resources and help:

Donation-based clinic in Clapham South, London founded by pioneering practitioner Carmelle Gentle RM, MPH NMC IBCLC:

last reviewed: 22 December 2022