“We danced, ate, walked in nature, massages and did everything to make me and baby and our home so comfortable and warm with all the ways of a wise woman

“Birthkeepers need Birthkeepers too. I had a freebirth for many reasons.  Including a reclamation of my birth rite, my wombanhood and a return to our ancestral way of life. I needed a radical birthkeeper who understood the traditional ways of birth, to walk with me and Rosie was just that. She held a safe space for us throughout with such peace, calm, confidence, grace and wisdom.  Silently rooting for me and reminding me of my power when doubt almost crept in. Re-assuring my partner and working together to support baby and I.  Rosie provided practical and emotional support.. We felt truly nurtured, loved and nourished. Warm and relaxed I was able to go deep within and guide my baby earthside. Rosie continued with postpartum support that included more nourishment, emotional and breastfeeding support. Forever grateful for my Traditional Birth Sister.”

– Anita Mbabazi, Traditional birth keeper

testimonial poem written and gifted by a mother I supported, poet and mother elsie bryant

Megs with baby in sling Doula Rosie Carter-Suso @doularoot

As I was in Colombia and Rosie in the UK, I never had could imagined that our connections during this process could be so meaningful and strong. If we could have the chance, I would definitely love to have her physical presence here. 

It’s been an absolute blessing receiving the support and wisdoms of Rosie, during our pregnancy, birth and also in the postnatal time.

What has been significant in Rosie’s work is that it is really empowering, providing me with the right information at the right time, not telling me what to do but using her tools study, love and intuition to bring me to my centre to be able to make my own choices with a strong back ground. In a few occasions when I really needed support or information, a listening ear, technical or spiritual support she was always present.

She knew actually to make the links that I needed in different times: physical, emotionally and spiritually.

Birthing can be a very healing sacred and empowering experience and I believe the role of traditional birth keepers and mid wives are important in these times. Bringing birth back to the family and the people. With the hard work and dedication of this wise sister she is actively taking this role which I’m very grateful for and definitely a support I wish for more people to receive..”

– May, birth client (virtual support)

Growing in confidence doula client @doularoot
Happy birth partner Charlie supported by Rosie Carter-Suso Doula Root

“We feel very blessed to have had someone with us, who could gives us such confidence through her knowledge and such warmth and guidance through her wisdom and intuition

“It was always our aim to be as relaxed as possible in the later stages of our pregnancy and going into labour, but we were certainly apprehensive and nervous as I’m sure is normal. From the moment Rosie arrived with us we felt more at ease and through her wise words, knowledge and calm presence we were able to create a warm and meditative environment right through to the hospital. At the hospital too Rosie was there for us just enough and at just the right times, never too much and patient and thoughtful throughout..” 

– Charlie, Birth client (partner)

Having a doula was the easily the best decision we made around the birth of our lovely boy. Rosie’s support during the pregnancy was invaluable, with two antenatal appointments and a brilliant relaxation session. As the birth approached, her insight into the options available enabled me to go into the birth feeling positive and empowered. 

On the day of the birth, Rosie was great – reminding me about aspects of my birth plan and offering practical support both to my husband and me. Having her there in the first stages at home, during the birth itself at hospital and for the period afterwards meant so much to both of us. She even came by the next day with a much needed care package – mostly of delicious things for us to eat!  

I cannot recommend having a birth doula strongly enough and Rosie in particular. She’s an amazing woman and I’m so glad she was part of our little boy’s birth.”  – Laura (and Phil), Birth client

Megs with baby in sling Doula Rosie Carter-Suso @doularoot

It was only afterwards that I realised how important it is to have a doula; someone who travels with you on your birth journey, understands your ideal scenario and can support both the mother and her partner.”

“I can’t thank you enough, Rosie, for your beautiful role in my first birth. Together with my partner we made an incredible team. I felt much more relaxed and confident knowing I had the both of you there throughout. It meant I was never alone. You were sensitive to our needs, encouraging and also able to communicate my wishes to the midwives and hospital staff. When things didn’t go as I’d hoped and I had to be taken to the hospital you made me feel reassured and I was able to concentrate on my birth without having to worry about anything externally. Having someone to listen with open ears to all my ups and downs and give recommendations both before and after birth was also invaluable. I felt safe and comforted. Pregnancy and giving birth was the biggest challenge of my life so far and I can’t imagine having done it without you. I can’t recommend having a doula enough, and there is no one who can do that better than you.”

– Megs, Birth client

Growing in confidence doula client @doularoot

“She has been incredible support for me with the perfect balance of educated knowledge and the most heartfelt advice.”

“Rosie is such a rich resource for everything related to birth and breastfeeding. She has been incredible support for me with the perfect balance of educated knowledge and the most heartfelt advice since my son was born.”

– Dani Rose, Postnatal client




“Total moral and practical support at a time when you need to be so kind to yourself

“I chose to have a doula on the advice of a friend. My concern in the postnatal period was that I would be left chained to the sofa breastfeeding in a milky mess of pyjamas and baby muslins, unwashed, unfed, with the rest of the house in chaos!  

I wanted to enjoy the experience of motherhood without worrying about the practicalities. It took some persuasion because, as I explained to my friend, I wanted privacy, not a stranger hanging around the house. 

But Rosie was perfect, she arrived with an air of total tranquility and just knew what to do. Tea, meals, washing, tidying and bags of encouragement in those early days when I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be doing. Total moral and practical support at a time when you need to be so kind to yourself.” 

– Dr. Ruth Richardson, Postnatal client